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An investment in your flat.

Renovating a flat or a property is a process that involves various professionals with whom Travel Inside collaborates in order to offer a flat that is partly or entirely different from what it was initially.

Renovation coincides with an important and secure investment, made even more convenient by the incentives and tax bonuses promoted in recent years, which significantly increases the appeal and market value of the property.

What we do

Ad hoc renovations according to the objective.

Initially, one of our designers will be at your disposal to define the various levels of the project and advise you on the choices to be made throughout the realisation of the work, offering technical and logistical assistance and preparing all the administrative procedures necessary for its realisation.

The complete renovation of your flat may include the following services:

  • clearance of the property
  • preliminary design in order to define the project to be carried out (updating the layout for a different distribution of the interior spaces, change of use, splitting of the building units, recovery of attics and basement rooms for living purposes, etc.)
  • drafting of specifications and request for estimates
  • submission of a building file to obtain the necessary permits to begin work (CILA, SCIA, DIA, PDC, etc.)
  • execution of works
  • completion of works and updating of land register (DOCFA)

Building site management

Ordinary or extraordinary maintenance.

The worksite can include ordinary maintenance work such as the dismantling and assembly of interior doors, sanitary equipment, lighting and radiators, boilers and air conditioners, smoothing, sanding and painting of walls and ceilings.

For more invasive interventions, extraordinary maintenance works may be envisaged, such as the demolition and reconstruction of walls, the construction of plasterboard false ceilings, the creation of screeds, the renovation of technological systems (plumbing, electrical, gas supply, plumbing, air conditioning, etc.).

Rely on the experience of our collaborators!

Travel Inside is able to carry out any type of intervention with the utmost professionalism, competitive prices and quality materials through a team of professionals (architects, engineers, tilers, parquetry workers, plumbers, window and door fitters, etc.) who will work alongside you from the design of the new spaces to the choice of materials and furnishings, from the preliminary phase to the executive phase of the work, from the presentation of the building file to the completion of the work and the re-assignment.

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