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Do you want to rent a flat for short periods?

Here is the complete solution!

We offer a complete management of flats for short and medium term rentals. We take care of: the search and reception of clients, the management of payments, the processing of all the bureaucratic procedures relating to the rental, the cleaning and maintenance of the flat.

You will have the possibility to use the flat during the periods when there are no bookings, and you will be able to check your bookings in real time in a section of our website dedicated to you.


Optional insurance cover to protect your property against damage caused by tenants during tenancy and in the event of damage to third parties, theft and fire. 

Insurance cover for tenancy (in the event of damage caused to third parties by the tenant), fire and theft. Constant monitoring of the flat and security deposits to prevent any damage to the property during the short-term rental.


Renting out your flat for short periods of time means that you do not have any restrictions on the duration of the contract, and you can decide to return to your flat at any time.

A simple communication and after the last booking you will be given back the keys of the flat. In addition, you will have the possibility to use the flat only during the periods in which there are no bookings.


We take care of all the bureaucratic and operational tasks related to short and medium term rentals, you only have to wait for the bank transfer to be credited.



Short- and medium-term rental

Punctual and secure payments

We offer different remuneration plans according to the needs of owners. We provide ad hoc solutions, unique in the sector, for homeowners awaiting the sale of their property.

Competence and professionalism

Personalised advice from architects and homestagers to make your property more attractive and therefore profitable for short-term rental. Constant maintenance work and assistance if needed during your stay.


You will be able to check the occupancy of your flat in real time on the calendar and decide whether and when to use it yourself. You will be freed from any duties relating to the management of the property but you will continue to be able to use it whenever you wish.

Contact us to make an appointment!

We can help you manage flats in the short term.

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